motionslopp cykel regler
Swedish Cycling Federation (SCF) rules for the races on road (MR LV) applies to the races
organized by the SCF or connected thereto association.
The rules are designed to high safety and high quality of arrangements for bike athletes.
Participants are required to follow these rules and the official directives given.
Participants in the event failed to observe the rules in force are excluded from the event by the organizer’s discretion.
Decision on exclusion reported in the participant list.

  • Participants cycle should be in the state that the applicable traffic regulations prescribe.
  • Bike equipped with tubdäck have these carefully glued.
  • Bike with frikrans must be equipped with two independent braking systems.
  • Tempo Sticks, triathlon styrene or covered wheels are not allowed.
  • The number must be worn well secured and visible.
  • No one shall start on another’s race number.
  • Consideration should be shown to all participants and other road users. Official’s and flaggvakts instructions should be followed.
  • For security reasons it is not allowed to use your phone or headset during the course.
  • Remember to rest after the finish before you drive in accordance with the Road Traffic .
  • Participants are required to pay the organizer fixed fee.
  • Please note that all littering is prohibited under Swedish law, read more on Keep Sweden Clean. Do not throw rubbish along the lane without picking up the rubbish and throwing in trash baskets located in the depots or in the finish area. Thank you for helping us help the environment.
  • Other escort vehicles than the organizer is not allowed after the course. Violation of this may lead to the punishment of participants who use such services.
  • Participation is at your own risk. Participants are responsible for infringements of road traffic regulations, and for the arrangement applicable regulations.
  • Organizer is responsible not for the injury caused by a participant or incurred as.