Struggle against littering

During 2017, there were a lot of cyclists and organizers reporting about littering in the course of the race and competitions. The media also noted this sad behavior.

As an organizer, it was assumed that there was no problem last year when we received the following message:

It was unfortunately a common sight during the course of cyclists who take gel / energy cakes / etc. and then threw the garbage aside into nature. I propose a zero tolerance to littering.

And of course, we have a zero tolerance to littering, but there is no way for us as organizers to clean up after the participants. No more than in depots and start / finish area. Now that we have gone from being happy unaware to being alerted to the problem, there is hope that everyone will help to avoid the littering.

Littering as an addition to the rules

And littering is not only sad for nature, environment and animals, it is also both ugly and prohibited by law. Therefore, the following were added to the rules after we received the above message.

Please note that all littering is prohibited under Swedish law, read more on Keep Sweden Clean. Do not throw rubbish along the lane without picking up the rubbish and throwing in trash baskets located in the depots or in the finish area. Thank you for helping us help the environment.

Not Tour de France

Although it is just as bad with junk in bigger contexts and competitions, there is a greater tendency to pick up a bottle as ex Peter Sagan threw. But even in these competitions, litters are wasted where there is no audience or organizers. This junk is atomized on the fields and eventually appears on your plate.

And it should not be difficult, there are trash baskets in the depots and at the finish line. Rubbish from bars and / or gel weighs nothing and probably the shirt will be washed at least even if you do not finish it with gel.


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