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Struggle against littering

During 2017, there were a lot of cyclists and organizers reporting about littering in the course of the race and competitions. The media also noted this sad behavior. As an organizer, it was assumed that there was no problem last year when we received the following message: It was unfortunately a common sight during the course of cyclists who take… Read more →

Västkusten Runt starts at the shipyard

The shipyard (Varvet) is too many a symbol for Gothenburg. That’s why it’s extraordinary that the year’s edition of Västkusten Runt and Hisingen Runt starts at Lindholmen in one of the previous shipyards. The meal served at Kooperativet also gives a lovely feeling since that building has also been part of the shipyard. Västkusten Runt celebrates the 5th anniversary on… Read more →

News 2018

Fifth Västkusten Runt Starting and finishing indoors As the first bike race in Sweden you will have the opportunity to start indoors at Lindholmen where start and finish take place indoors. Extra depot In the response from participant’s it was clear that it was too far between the depots on the longer track. Therefore, an extra will be present on… Read more →