Start-PM Västkusten Runt 2017

[:sv]Nu närmar sig cykelfesten med stormsteg och självklart har du en del funderingar.
Därför har vi skapat ett Start-PM i PDF som innehåller en del viktig information.

Förutom informationen på denna sidan så kan du ladda ner och läsa Start-PM för årets motionslopp i PDF-format.

Start-PM 2017 VKR.

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Saturday 27 May.
Västkusten Runt 160 starts from 09:00
Västkusten Runt 120 starts from 09:30
ou will find your starting number and start time
From May 20 at (with
Reservation for subsequent notifications).

Start and Goal

Bananpiren (Frihamnen), Gothenburg


We recommend leaving the car at home and taking the bike
To the start of your stay in Gothenburg. If you have to take the car, parking is available with a fee at the event area.
Swish registration number and SEK 20 to no 123 615 18 56.

Pick-up your racenumber

24 and 26 May – Welcome to Trek Bicycle Store, Övre Husargatan 18-24, Gothenburg between kl. 16:00 – 18:00.
May 27 – Welcome to our event area at Bananpiren. Opening hours for Saturday 27 May is 07:30-11:30.

Start Envelope

In your starter envelope you receive three number labels and two timechips.
The number plate should be worn on the back while cycling.
The smaller number plate must be attached to the handlebar.
Third is for baggage handling.
The timekeeper attached on both sides of your helmet.


Any bike may be used, however, the bike may not have covered
Wheel or so-called timetrial handlebar. Approved helmet is mandatory.
Make sure the bike is in good condition to Hisingen Runt. Have one
Or two filled water bottles alreday from start.

Bicycle service (Trek Bicycle Store)

There is on-site light bicycle service.


In the event area we have a guarded bag delivery where you can ålace your bag during the race.

Course length / timing limit

Hisingen Around: 50 km. Timing starts and ends at Bananpiren.


Along the track there are three depots where you can replenish energy from ICA and Pure Nutrition.
At finish line, a hot meal, drink, coffee and cake is served.


The courses consist exclusively of asphalt and are cycled on both roads and streets.


We use chip timing to get everyones time registered. The chip must be attached to each side
Of the helmet. An instruction on how the chip works are available
On the back of the number plate. No result list will be produced.
However, you will be able to see your own times on Hisingen Runts website some days after the race.


Temporary toilets are installed in the start and eventarea and at each depot.

Service during the course

On the number plate there is a service number that goes to Hisingen Runt. In turn, they have contact with the service cars along the track. Call if you get stuck and need help along the track so we try to help. At the depots there are also easier tools and pumps. Be sure to bring money when you cycle if you would like to buy hose, tires or other material from the service cars.

Cyclists who doesnt finish

If you have to break notify the number on your number plate for security reasons
Proceed to the nearest depot or call service number if you cannot finish.

Starting times

Starters take place
Västkusten Runt 160 starts from 09:00
Västkusten Runt 120 starts from 09:30
With groups starting at two minute intervals.


The goal closes at. 18:00 hours.

Traffic rules

Common traffic rules apply and instructions from officials
Must be followed.


Map of the course is available at


In addition to Hisingen Runt we will also have a race for the children, Paprikaloppet, in cooperation with ICA
Kvantum Munkebäck. The children ride about 300 meters.

Bring a bike and helmet to the kids.

Starters take place between 11:00 and 14:00.
Medal to all and hotdog when they hit the finish line.

The cost is 40 SEK. Registration and payment on Bananpiren.

Dressing and shower

There is unfortunately no possibility of changing room or shower.


At finisline, a hot meal is served. Options are available
Which is vegetarian as well as gluten and lactose free for those has pre-ordered.


Prices from our partners will be auctioned on your starting number.


The organizer will photograph / film during the course and
Reserves the right to publish photo and video
Video material free through internet, newspapers and various
Forms of marketing of Västkusten Runt and


Let me follow your race through the RaceONE app
Make it easy for you to compare with other participants
Even if you did not start together. As spectators can
You get an expected target so you know when to meet
Up your friend RaceONE offers real-time tracking of
Multiple participants simultaneously.[:]

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